when we decided to make a website about the dead milkmen, we thought it would only be right to use aliases.

p.i. investigator mink is a self-described web archeologist driven by endless curiosity and a passion for all things weird. her descent into the cult of the milkmen began as a slow progression over three years after being introduced to them by her boyfriend shortly after they began dating. this culminated in a profoundly evocative experience listening to not richard, but dick one morning in december 2023. she splits her free time between world-building original fiction and absorbing as much information about her new favorite band as she can. her favorite dead milkmen tracks (at the moment) are watching scotty die, dollar signs in her eyes, and jason's head.

her collaborator is cousin earl. his bio is in progress.

special thanks to [the fan club] for sharing pictures, audio, and a passion for the band!

if you're interested in seeing our small dead milkmen collection, click here!